DIMPLEX Quantum Domestic hot water heat pump


DIMPLEX Quantum Domestic hot water heat pump


DHW 300

A domestic hot water heat pump is an efficient solution for domestic hot water preparation in both new and existing buildings.
The heat pump can cover the domestic hot water consumption in a single family home all year round, independent of an existing heating
system. It extracts up to 70 % of the energy required for heating from the surrounding air or from the waste heat found in the indoor air.

Simply intelligent domestic hot water.

  • Simply efficient heating: Domestic hot water preparation from waste heat in single-family homes.
  • Simply intelligent storage: Use your own Photovoltaic energy for domestic hot water.
  • With three different temperature settings.
  • Simply versatile compatibility: Remote control via energy management or
  • building management systems possible via RS-485 interface.
  • Simply comfortable: LC display with capacitive touch control.
  • Simply economical: Minimal losses thanks to optimal insulation.
  • Simply good-looking: Compact dimensions and modern design for the installation room.
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