Professional ironing system
with pressure boiler and continuous refill

Qualities and performances

BI-Max ironing system is a high-quality and easy-to-use product, which offers highly professional performances, reduced consumption and a long durability. The base in chromium plated steel and painted steel is combined with advanced components, result of modern technology. This professional iron is very handy: it smoothly slides over fabrics and its tapered point allows a perfect ironing, also in the most difficult areas.

Continuous Refill

BI-Max allows you to iron for a long time, without interruptions: the automatic electronic filling system allows the auxiliary tank to be filled at any moment during ironing.

Direct boiler refill

BI-Max boiler can also be filled directly. The screw cap allows the boiler to be easily washed. This is an excellent solution for any unexpected event.

Vertical ironing

BI-Max iron can produce steam in vertical position. In this way fabrics can be easily freshened up or ironed when hung up.

In compliance with the European Standard EN 55014 on radio interference suppression.


Automatic refilling ✓

Manual recharge ✓

Steam ✓

Professional iron ✓


Genuine Made in Italy All our products are exclusively made in Italy, in compliance with CE Rules, using Italian components, in order to ensure the maximum reliability, efficiency and service life.

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